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Do You Have A Broonie Living Near You?

Is there an unsettled spirit roaming your neighbourhood or perhaps a witch performed their dark arts nearby? Have you ever wondered why a certain hill or boulder bears an unusual name? Now is your chance to find out! This April sees the publication of Perthshire Folk Tales, a new book telling an array of captivating folk tales from all across Perthshire.
The authors both live in Perthshire and their personal connection to the wild moors, wooded glens and rugged mountains rings an added substance to the stories.
Lindsey Gibb, a professional Storyteller, is more often to be found telling tales to audiences at events like the Enchanted Forest, while co-author, C A Hope, writes historical, biographical novels. They have been friends for years, both working locally in wildlife conservation, and collaborated to research and retell this eclectic mix of stories from Perthshire’s past.
‘Perthshire is rich with tales of faeries, broonies and witches,’ said Lindsey, ‘but also with ancient legends passed down through generations beside camp fires and hearths, and more recently kept alive by Travellers and storytellers. Some are funny and quirky, others show the darker side of the area.’
This is a different genre for C A Hope, but she is well used to researching her subject.
‘Interestingly, we found the content of the stories changed as we moved north,’ she said, ‘it seems that as the land grows wilder and more hostile for Man to inhabit, the more brutal they became!’
There are stories of black dogs and dragons, the Cailleach, ghostly sightings and the enigmatic Picts. The book is beautifully illustrated by Melissa Shaw, another Perthshire resident, and the foreword is by none other than Perthshire’s own Jess Smith; Traveller, Storyteller and Author.
‘Perthshire Folk Tales’ is published by The History Press and will be available to buy from April 5th. It will also be available as an ebook. More information can be found on their Facebook page Perthshire Folk Tales.

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