New Path and Bike Pump Track at Royal School of Dunkeld

bikepathThe school is pleased to announce a very exciting new development in the playground. We have just completed the construction of an all weather multi-purpose path and bike pump track. The children, teachers and playground staff were actively involved in the planning of the path and have loved watching it being built. The path loops round the grass playing field and has a number of features, imaginatively named as the ‘electric eel, ‘up and down’, ’sleeping rhinos’ and stumpy doughnuts’- come and have a look to see what these are!
The track will be officially open in early December with a special ‘ride to school day’ and breakfast. The path will be used by the children to walk, run and play on every day at breaks and for the Daily Mile. The school plans to run clubs and are currently working with Sustrans on a really exciting initiative to train the children in safe and responsible cycling.
The school welcomes supervised use of the path by families, small groups and individuals from the community outside school hours when it is not being used by the school. This is under the strict understanding that it is entirely at the users’ own risk, is not the responsibility of the school, and is subject to review. There are notice boards beside the path explaining the various features and safety rules. Groups wanting to use the path must contact the school to make arrangements, as is the case for all Perth and Kinross playgrounds.
We are very grateful for the financial support of SSE Griffin Community Award, Awards for All and the school Parent Partnership Group. The path and bike features were planned and constructed by Collective Trax, who have done a fantastic job of working with the children and school staff to create a great asset for the school. We are planning further improvements to the school grounds in the coming months so look out for those!

Julie Menzies, Acting Headteacher and the Grounds Development

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