Loch of the Lowes - Osprey are back!

ospreyThe Month of May at Loch of the Lowes
Our female osprey (LF15) arrived back at her nest in the Scots Pine on 20th March, followed on 29th March by her mate, LM12. Seeing them reunite is always a moment of wonder. These two birds have been apart since last August, flown a possible 6,000 mile round trip to their wintering grounds and back, yet, within minutes of meeting again, mating is taking place and the business of protecting their nest is underway. There have been several osprey making a play for the nest this year, with one persistent male even landing on the nest with the pair. Both of our resident osprey took to the skies to chase these intruders away amid very dramatic aerial displays.
We are delighted to have one egg in the nest (as I write this) and by May we would hope to have 2 or 3 eggs.
Fingers crossed for warm, balmy days of sunshine to enjoy the spectacle of these amazing birds feeding their brood. There will also be all the activity of goosanders, great crested grebes and other water birds nest Wednesday 9th and Wed 23rd May, 7pm-9pm, Adult £10, Conc/SWT Member £8, Child 8-15years £5
After such a long, harsh winter we are hopefully going to have a ‘proper’ summer this year. At Loch of the Lowes we hear from visitors who come from all over the world. They are blown away by our stunning views, clean, fragrant air, wildflowers and abundant wildlife. Perhaps as residents of this lush, picturesque county we may not always fully appreciate its unique beauty. May is the perfect month to get out and about and revel in our glorious Perthshire countryside. Enjoy the birds’ dawn and dusk chorus and watching the landscape changing colour from brown and dull green to trees decked in vivid pinks, white and yellow blossom and wildflowers pushing through bright new green grass. Watch for bluebells and make a point to pause as you pass them to savour their peppery scent.
Beaver Watches, Wednesday 9th and Wed 23rd May, 7pm-9pm, We are holding Beaver Watches in May, sponsored by the People’s Postcode Lottery. Do you know if beavers have webbed feet? How do they swim underwater without getting water up their noses? These evenings provide a fantastic opportunity to learn about our Scottish beavers and hopefully see them for real. Booking is essential for these events, please call 01350 727337 or book online through the Scottish Wildlife Trust website www.scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk ‘Things To Do/ Sign Up to Events’ or call Loch of the Lowes on 01350 727337 Adult £10, Conc/SWT Member £8, Child 8-15 years £5
Meet the Scottish SPCA, Sunday 13th May, 11am- 3pm. A local SSPCA Officer will be at Loch of the Lowes to tell us about the vital role this organisation plays in helping our pets and wildlife in times of distress. There will be informal talks throughout the day and if you have questions, there will be plenty of chances to get them answered.
Tales of Beatrix Potter, Sunday 27th May, 2pm and 2.30pm A lovely event for our younger visitors and adults alike. Potter’s tales about Jeremy Fisher and Mr Tod are read with lively enthusiasm by Lindsey Gibb. Discover how Perthshire inspired Beatrix Potter and learn about the real animals behind her characters in these delightful tales for children. Suggested donation £2 per child.

For further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch:
Loch of the Lowes, Scottish Wildlife Trust, 01350 727337 lochofthelowes@scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk
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Admission charges Adult £4, Conc £3.50 Child 50p
Family £7.50 SWT Member FREE.
Open 10am-5pm, Double Decker Hide 24/7

(photo of our male chasing away an intruding osprey ©Nigel Wedge).

(c) The Bridge