SOBBS Update

Save our Birnam Bus Group heard on 14th November via the Community Council that Stagecoach were planning changes, to our 23 bus service to Perth that will be introduced on Monday 20th November.
The plans are that the bus will no longer start and finish at Perth Bus Station and will only go to and from Mill St (except Sundays). This will be a major blow to residents in Highland Perthshire who want to travel on from Perth bus station to other parts of Scotland or catch the train especially if they cannot use the Dunkeld and Birnam station because of the low platforms here.
Already a member of our group has expressed dismay as she had planned to go to Perth bus station for onward travel to London. She is very worried about what she will do as she cannot change buses in Perth with luggage because of disability.
There is also going to be a cut to the evening service, for example:
For the significant number of people commuting to and from Perth on a daily basis the reduction in service at the end of the day is not good. There are currently 3 buses leaving Mill Street between 4.30pm and 6pm but in the new timetable there is only 1. This means anyone finishing work and unable to catch the 17.20 bus will have to wait another 65 minutes until the next one.
We are very concerned that Stagecoach is again reducing the service to Birnam and Dunkeld.
We have been in touch with our MSP John Swinney to express concern and we would like anyone who has a view on these changes to get in touch with us and we will consider what to do next.
Contact Pam Green: or 01350 728 926

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