Gien a Haund - Helping Older People

holding-handsThe recent cold weather has proved challenging for some of our older residents with bins not being uplifted and roads/ paths dangerous for walking. This said, we’ve managed to cope with the  requests for help we’ve received to date. We have two more volunteers about to undergo PVG checks which will bring our total to 8 - not counting Lindsay who coordinates the Befriending Service. So, just as the weather seems about to improve, so our volunteer numbers are about to increase. That’s life !
We are starting to receive requests for occasional lifts, or shopping/ prescription pick ups and are working with Craigvinzean Drivers to allocate volunteers to tasks. We now have our own e mail address recently established ( thank you Alison Campbell), but just as we do the Government introduces new regulations. Government, weather. Do you see a pattern here? In the meantime, we’ll continue to offer personal e mail addresses for Contact.
So - if occasional help is what you think you can offer, please contact John Gilruth on If regular Befriending is more your interest area, please contact Lindsay MacMannamon on
And of course, if you need help - please contact either Lindsay or John on the above addresses in the first instance.
Finally, in recognition of our first birthday fast approaching, we thought we’d stage a ‘One Year On’ event, reflecting on what we’ve done so far and what we might yet try and achieve. It will be held in the Birnam Institute on Saturday 28 April from 11.30 - 12.30pm and will follow our first meeting of both volunteers and beneficiaries earlier that same morning. Tea/coffee will be served from around 11.00 am. Please do come along, even if only to find out what’s been happening and to help us decide our key goals for the year ahead.

(Ed : Apologies to John Gilruth and the team for missing this article from the April Edition of The Bridge)

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